Exterior decorating & Painting

We offer a range of services for the exterior decoration of buildings, from masonry painting to restoration work.

We are experienced in the use of a range of materials, and can work with you to decide on the most appropriate products for your home, depending on its construction, to provide a long lasting, durable finish.

Our team is skilled in many aspects of external decorating and offer a range of solutions to common problems with building exteriors, from modern render and traditional lime render,  to woodwork and metalwork. We have a certified repaircare resin repair technician that can carry out repairs on windows, doors and frames- providing a harder wearing, longer lasting repair than a traditional carpentry repair, extending the life of your woodwork before replacement is necessary.

Our team understands the disruption the decoration of a building can cause and are polite, considerate and clean-working. We use a comprehensive masking system to ensure the protection of your windows and other valuable parts of your building, alongside the traditional use of sheets, so that we leave your property and its surroundings as clean as possible.

We can discuss and aid in the arrangement of scaffolding, but will use our access equipment (ladders etc.) where we can to provide the most cost-effective service for your building.

Services we offer include

  • Modern masonry painting
  • Breathable masonry coatings, such as Keim mineral paint, Auro and the cornish lime company
  • All types of woodwork finishes- Oil based paint, water based paint, wood oils, stains.
  • Metalwork, old or new- using rust inhibiting, ultra durable coatings
  • Wood repairs using the repair care resin repair system