Interior decorating & Painting

Interior domestic decorating is our specialty. We offer a range of services, utilizing both modern and traditional techniques to provide the highest quality finish for your home, with minimal disruption.

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible using advanced methods and equipment, such as dustless mechanical sanders and quality masking materials, to ensure your home and possessions are well protected- with dust levels kept to an absolute minimum. We understand the importance of not only delivering the highest level of work, but also the best possible customer experience. Our team is skilled, polite, respectful and determined to work to the highest standards.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with a range of materials, and will work together with you to ensure the most appropriate and highest quality products are used in your home. This will provide a top-tier finish, with excellent durability and longevity. Our product recommendations are extensively tried and tested, allowing us to guarantee their efficacy. We specialise in the use of water-based products, which are durable, provide high colour retention and minimise production of harmful solvents/ VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) during application. Modern advances in water-bourne coatings technology have allowed us to transition into more regular use of water based products, with their performance matching or outperforming traditional oil-based products.

We use a broad spectrum of colour matching systems to ensure the perfect match to suit your needs, and work closely with our suppliers to ensure the accuracy and quality of your desired colour/finish. We can match all leading paint manufacturers’ colours in various products including, but not limited to, the highly popular palettes of Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.

Services we provide include:

  • Mechanical and manual dustless sanding
  • Traditional brush and roller application
  • High-finish airless spray application
  • Product and materials advice
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Full protection of your home and possessions
  • Flexible service to suit your requirements
  • Minor repairs and trade referrals if necessary
  • Eco paints