Spray Application

Our airless spray technicians are highly skilled and well trained to provide the ultimate finish in your home.

What is airless spray application?

Airless spray application is the use of airless spray machines to apply a perfect, even layer of coating to any substrate. It uses a pump to pressurise paint to a high pressure (up to 3000 psi) and deliver paint through a spray gun, which uses spray tips with a tiny hole (only 10-17 thousands of an inch). This atomizes the paint and delivers a fine mist, which settles on the desired painting surface evenly and with a smoothness of finish unattainable by traditional brush and roller application. Using the correct equipment, combined with knowledge of paint products and technique, this application method is mess free and provides a stunning finish.

Why airless spray application?

  • Extremely high finish
  • Fast turnaround, creating less disruption and meeting/ surpassing timescale limitations.
  • Very, very low overspray compared to traditional spray application
  • Smooth, even coating of substrate
  • Higher build (paint film thickness) providing better protection

What are common misconceptions/ concerns ?

The main concern customers tend to have with airless spray application is mess/ overspray. This is an understandable, albeit misinformed, concern. Using the correct techniques and product knowledge, airless spray application can be extremely clean, with very little overspray. This coupled with fastidious masking of surrounding areas means there will be absolutely no mess/ overspray left in your home. We use low pressure tips to ensure the minimum of overspray is produced, with maximum efficiency of product application.