Sustainability and our business

Sustainable, ecological practices are important to our business.

We are constantly working towards reducing our ecological impact as much as we can, through our choice of products and methods/ techniques we use.

Constant advances in modern water-bourne coatings technology allow us to select much less harmful products for use on/in your home, without sacrificing durability or a high finish.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are easily evaporating compounds found in many paint products, in varying amounts. They are harmful to both humans and the environment and as such, are now regulated by the government. Traditional Oil based paints have a high level of VOCs, often characterized by their strong odour- this makes them much more harmful and unpleasant for use in the home. Oil based products also yellow very fast due to VOC restrictions.

For these reasons, we try and steer our customers towards the use of water based products- which have little or no VOC content. There are many water based coatings now on the market, and as such we offer many ecological, non toxic paints as per your requirements.